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What customers are saying about Streaming Best!

Pastor Gwen Henderson

Professionalism and caring. Thank you for doing such a great job. God bless you

Nia Peeples, Star of Pretty Little Liars

I am truly grateful for the wonderful work provided. Great responsive Customer Service that listens well.

Overseer, James E. Chandler, Sr.

Thank you StreamingBest for 7 years of amazing service.  I can’t begin to tell you what a mighty blessing it has been to have this ministry available to our members, friends.. well to the world-wide community.

Silke Williams

We have been hosting and streaming our videos since November 2012 and are amazed by the quality and speed of the video streams. The customer service is outstanding and the prices really fair.  Many thanks,

Bishop Michael Canion Assembly of Truth, Atlanta GA

Wow, we just started using your service and a member that had to move to California gave $1600.00 online to show her appreciation for the stream.   She sent an email message to say the live stream made her feel like she was still a part of her church family.

Pastor Kelly

We receive loving support via email and online donations at every service and we now have two families who moved into the area and say they specifically came to join our church because they saw us on line first!  What a blessing!!