Mobile Apps (Real Ones)

Best Practices and Useful Tips!

Zoom Warning!


Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business or Organization!

Mobile apps are becoming more popular every day. Be careful! Some apps are not made well and won’t benefit your ministry. Make sure you have one that is made by a trained developer.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when Streaming Best builds your mobile app.

  • Push Notifications: A great way to improve church attendance with friendly reminders that increase member involvement. Members will not only receive your messages, but they’ll respond!
  • Group push notifications by ministry, leadership, or staff.
  • Include the “Text To Give” feature for another convenient way for members to support our ministry. This service also allows you to send blast voice broadcasts, blast texts or emails. And we’ll help set-up drip campaigns that keep new members from falling through the cracks.
  • Your live streaming service and archives will also be available in the app.
  • Book events in one place where you can also keep track of attendees. The app makes RSVPs easy, too!
  • Access to all your social media sites, is available in the app and more!
  • Best of all, Streaming Best will provide training and assistance in our special hands-on way.

Contact us today to get a mobile app for your ministry.
The benefits are endless and smart!

A Warning Regarding ZOOM!

Have you heard about Zoom bombings?

More ministries are being attacked with harmful zoom bombings. Basically, this means your account has been hacked. The hacker infiltrating your meeting, may simply disrupt it or they may post harmful pictures/videos. Skilled hackers can even take over the moderator’s controls and hijack every person’s screen in the meeting.

Protect yourself and your ministry.

After zoom settled an 85 Million Dollar lawsuit, they stepped up security and provided guidance to assist with this task at

Please encourage our zoom moderators to take the security training and practice being ready for potential threats. If you are hacked, report the incident immediately to Zoom.

For more information about why this is so important.

Click here to read Saint Paulus Lutheran Church in San Francisco’s story and be proactive in your efforts to keep your ministry safe.


Not often, but sometimes a pastor or a member of the media team will request to play an archive moments before they are due to go live. We understand why, but our normal practice is to give us a 24-hour notice to select, prep and stream your program from our servers.


With a little prep work on your end, we can better accommodate urgent requests. Simply post, or request to have us post the programs you would like to have on stand-by, or as they say in Hollywood “In the Can” well in advance. Store them on your Google Drive. NOTE: IF you have a YouTube channel you have Google Drive, however they are not the same thing. Your prerecorded files must be uploaded to Google Drive where we can pull them at a moment’s notice.


  • Reduce turn-around time from 24 hours to about 1. (The more time you give us the better).
  • Streaming Best can access recordings directly from Google Drive, meaning lest time is needed to prepare your file for play.
  • Should weather or other circumstances arise that require an archive or prerecorded video to run … you’ll be ready!