Custom Mobile App

Streaming Best custom mobile app for your business or organization

Did you know that over 81% of Americans that are online, use a mobile device?

You’ve seen it!  Even in church, a bible app is used to read the scriptures.  Sunday School teachers have to remind kids to turn off their phones.  We can hardly imagine a time without our phones, therefore Christians we need to be sure God’s message is being heard through this medium and a mobile app is  great efficient way to communicate with your congregation.  It can also help you…

  • Increase donation opportunities
  • Create Excitement
  • Communicate easily and effectively with push notifications
  • Share video sermons, blogs, announcements
  • Help young people stay connected to the church

We’ll customize your Mobile Application with your branding, contact information, directions, push notifications, social media and more.

Our apps also  include a wide range of monetization features for non-profit organizations and businesses.

Add Loyalty Points and/or Loyalty Cards to encourage repeat visits. Enroll/register users to simplify ongoing communications. Add booking features, event calendars quizzes and more.

For those who stream with us, your live and on demand archives will also be included. 

Getting a mobile app for your church, is an incredibly effective way to engage with your followers. 

Mobile apps drive the next phase in the evolution of business mobility, creating new ways of working, and transforming exiting business processes.

  • Almost every individual in the world has a mobile device.
  • Mobiles are used on a daily basis
  • Are much more convenient than desktop PCs
  • Are connected to the network permanently