New Features!

More Stream Targets!

Best Practices and Useful Tips!

Stream to Instagram!

Our current offerings streams to…

  • Website / Webpage
  • Facebook (multiple accounts available)
  • YouTube Channel

If you prerecord your live streaming service, we can simulcast your program to Instagram. Contact us to get set up!

Coming Soon – Stream to LinkedIn and TikTok

If you meet the social media’s criteria, Streaming Best will simulcast your stream to LinkedIn and TikTok too! Beta testing in happening now appears to be successful! We’ll keep you posted on our progress


Have a strong back-up plan!
It’s a good idea to keep several videos ‘in the can’ to playback as live or a rebroadcast.

Going forward, we recommend posting prerecorded or a few archive files to Google Drive.

NOTE: If you have a YouTube Channel, you already have access!
(See instructions on the right.)


  • No need to send files via a service like pCloud or WeTransfer
  • Reduce turn-around time from 24 hours to only 2 – Streaming Best can access your videos directly from Google Drive meaning less time is needed to prepare your file for play.
  • Great Back Up Plan – Store extra videos to stream live from our servers at a moment’s notice. Should weather or other circumstances arise that require a quick fix… you’ll be ready!